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BTA launches site showing full extent of international judgments against

18.11.2022 09:29:13

Since Mukhtar Ablyazov fled justice in Kazakhstan in early 2009 the merits of the case of whether he defrauded BTA on a massive scale has been tested in some of the most respected legal jurisdictions in the world. The case against Mr Ablyazov is not simply a Kazakh political dispute but an international one.


Matters relating to his case have been tried exhaustively in numerous Western jurisdictions, such as the English High Court, the Southern District of New York, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, the Fairfax Circuit Court, the 19th Judicial Circuit of Virginia, the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of Seychelles.  Each time these courts have found against him and have issued rulings against him that amount to over $7 billion, backed up by a worldwide freezing order on his assets. The English High Court issued an arrest warrant for Ablyazov on 16 February 2012. It is still outstanding.


In the interests of full transparency BTA has therefore launched a website https://www.mukhtar-ablyazov-vs-bta.kz that enables access the full scale of the international case against Mr Ablyazov, with each judgment available for download. New judgments will be added as they are handed down.