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Fill the children’s hearts with happiness!

13.04.2006 / Press-service

On 11 April 14, 2006 Bank TuranAlem sponsored charity event for children of Orphanage №1.Orphans are children, deprived of not only parents’ kindness and care. They are deprived of holidays, airing, and communication that kids are so used to. To diversify children’s life and make it more colorful, it was decided to organize a charity event in orphanage where 215 children of 3 to 17 years old live.

Olympic medalist, Magomed Kuruguliyev, famous Kazakhstan designer, Balnur Asanova and young but already loved singer, Ksenia participated in the event. Magomed Kuruguliyev performed master-class on basics of wrestling and at the same time Balnur Asanova taught the children how to paint with oil. Children even painted a large picture that will be hung in orphanage’s hall.

After master-classes, sponsors of the event greeted the children and introduced a show-program. Deputy Chairman of Bank TuranAlem Genrig Kholodzinskyi told the children of his childhood and how he came to working at Bank. "Every person’s way depends only on the person. What important is that you have study hard and strive for your goals, then you can become a great sportsman, a designer and successful banker" – he told.

Except already prepared gifts, Genrig Kholdzinskyi, on behalf of Bank TuranAlem, presented the children a set of video cassettes and DVDs from the Gold Collection of Kazakhstan films restored and recovered with the support of the Bank. The films will serve a good ‘video manual’ for young generation and will tell them of the life of simple people, their dreams and strive for their goals.

After sponsors’ speech, Ksenia performed her lyrical songs to children. The children also showed their artistic skill: dancing and singing songs, signing along and applauding.

It is the purpose of every person to bring love and happiness to children, future generation of the country. That is why we hope that this charity event will become the first in a series of events that will fill children’s hearts with happiness.

For more information please see weekly national newspaper "Novoe Pokolenie" – "New Generation" 14 April, issue 15.