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Kazakhstan cinema’s Gold Collection keeps on coming back to its audience.

03.04.2006 / Press-service

Kazakhstan cinema’s Gold Collection keeps on coming back to its audience. 20 more movies, from "KazakhFilm" gold fund were restored and published in modern formats. The films were added to the list of 10 movies restored in 2005. Starting 19 April, they will be shown on "Khabar" TV channel.

Today, 3 April, project members held press-conference in "Caesar" cinema.

The idea of recovery and restoration of cinematographic legacy came from the vital necessity to save the values of national self-consciousness. Famous films of Kazakhstan cinema were kept in State Film Fund of USSR, in Moscow. Old copies wore out and became worthless, they could not be shown or re-recorded in other video formats. Naturally, the idea was supported by professional and business communities – largest information agency and financial institution.

Managers of "KazakhFilm" film studio, "Khabar" information agency and JSC "Bank TuranAlem", as well as actress Ayanat Yesmagambetova, directors Darezhan Omirbayev and Satybaldy Narymbetov, and camera-man Aubakir Suleyev.

List of films restored on the 2nd stage of the project:

  1. Botagoz (16320)
  2. Balkon - Balcony
  3. Alpamys idet v shkolu - Alpamys goes to school
  4. Hrani svoyu zvezdyu (Gauhartas) – Save your star (Gauhartas)
  5. Tainy madam Wong – Madame Wong’s secrets
  6. Igla – Needle
  7. Molitva Leily – Leila’s prayer
  8. Pesn’ o Manshuk – The song of Manshuk
  9. Sultan Baiebars (part 1)
  10. Sultan Baiebars (part 2)
  11. Pogonya v stepi – Pursuit in steppe
  12. Neprofessionaly – Amateurs
  13. Zhnasebil’ (Dohodyaga) – Zhansebil’ (Ill-person)
  14. Zhizneopisanie yunogo akkordeonista – Biography of a young accordionist
  15. Zhenshina dnya – Woman of the day
  16. Solenaya reka detstva – Salty river of childhood
  17. Aynalayin
  18. Zaman-ai
  19. Trizna (Kulager)
  20. Prikosnovenie (Fantasia) – Touch (Fantasia)

After the press-conference "Balkon" - (Balcony) by K. Salykov was shown for students of cinema schools.