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Annual meeting of shareholders of JSC "Bank TuranAlem"
Annual shareholders’ meeting took place on 28 April, 2006. During the meeting shareholders summed up Bank’s achievements in 2005 and defined development directions for the current year. The meeting acknowledged Bank’s results of financial activities and audited financial statements as satisfactory, approved annual report, annual accounts, income and losses report.

Competitive solutions by Bank TuranAlem in the field of SME lending in Kazakhstan presented at republican conference
JSC "Bank TuranAlem" took part in republican conference "Participation and development of small and medium enterprises in non-specialized assets of large Kazakhstan companies".

Bank "TuranAlem" sponsors publication of book by Olzhas Suleimenov in Ukranian
Bank "TuranAlem" sponsored publication of a book by an outstanding writer of Kazakhstan and statesman, Olzhas Suleimenov. The book, in Ukrainian, was published by the Embassy of Republic of Kazakhstan in Ukraine and Moldova on the eve of writer’s 70th anniversary.

Bank TuranAlem placed 250 million USD Eurobonds
Yesterday Bank TuranAlem placed 7-year 250 million USD Eurobonds. The deal was offered at 7.75% p.a. yield. Spread between the yields on 10-year U.S. Treasury bonds came to 307 basic points. The demand for Eurobonds exceeded the final sum of the deal 2 times.

New award "Altyn Tural" conferred on "ExpertKazakhstan" journalists
New award "Altyn Turan", for best economic subjects coverage, named after Yerlan Tatishev, was presented on 12 April by First Deputy to Chairman of the Board of JSC "Bank TuranAlem", Yerkin Tatishev during Journalist Awards "Altyn Zhuldyz" ceremony. The award, in the form of golden ounce on mineral pedestal, was conferred on team of "ExpertKazakhstan" and was received by the chief editor of the magazine, Andrey Skirka.

Fill the children’s hearts with happiness!
On 11 April 14, 2006 Bank TuranAlem sponsored charity event for children of Orphanage №1. Orphans are children, deprived of not only parents’ kindness and care. They are deprived of holidays, airing, and communication that kids are so used to. To diversify children’s life and make it more colorful, it was decided to organize a charity event in orphanage where 215 children of 3 to 17 years old live.

The first bilateral agreement, on transparency of activity, signed with AFS
On 27 March Bank TuranAlem and Agency on Regulation and Supervision of Financial Markets and Financial Organizations (AFC) signed mutual memorandum "On collaboration and interaction regarding the issues of transparency of JSC "Bank TuranAlem".

Temirtau: Prize drawing under control of trade union committee
Today, at Temirtau branch office of Bank TuranAlem, winners of the first stage of "BTA Pay card. All you need" were awarded with prizes. Every cardholder, who had the card for at least 5 days, could participate in drawing.

Canadian export finance credit line has been increased in 2,4 times
JSC Bank TuranAlem and Export Development Canada (EDC) have signed an agreement on alteration into the last year agreement on a credit line establishment in the amount of USD25 million. According to a new agreement, amount of the credit line for export finance of Canadian merchandise and services into Kazakhstan and CIS states has been increased up to USD60 million, either of its equivalent in Canadian dollars or in Euro.

Kazakhstan cinema’s Gold Collection keeps on coming back to its audience.
Kazakhstan cinema’s Gold Collection keeps on coming back to its audience. 20 more movies, from "KazakhFilm" gold fund were restored and published in modern formats. The films were added to the list of 10 movies restored in 2005. Starting 19 April, they will be shown on "Khabar" TV channel.