Key Assets

Mr Ablyazov used the proceeds of his fraud to acquire luxury real estate assets and a wide range of companies through a network of offshore entities with nominee directors.

After the Worldwide Freezing Order was issued by the High Court in 2009, many of these owners were deemed to be too close to Ablyazov. To avoid raising the Bank’s suspicion, Ablyazov transferred the ownership of some companies to other, lower-profile associates.

On several occasions, there was evidence that documents naming company owners were falsified and backdated to suit Mr Ablyazov.

In late 2010 the Bank obtained search and disclosure orders against Mr Ablyazov and his associates. This process resulted in the discovery that Mr Ablyazov had a vast secret network of undisclosed companies and assets. These companies and assets were added to the Receivership Order, which was extended to around 1,000 companies and include:

  • Share in BTA Bank Ukraine
  • Share in BTA Bank Georgia
  • Share in BTA Bank Armenia
  • Share in Temirbank
  • Development project known as oceanarium at Bratyev Fonchenko str., Moscow
  • Development project known as “”1812” business center (also known as Poklonnaya) at Kutuzov avenue, Moscow
  • Partially constructed trade and entertainment center at Paveletskaya square, Moscow
  • Land plots along Kaluzhskiy highway in the area of Vnukovo airport, Moscow
  • Share in “Vitino” port on the White Sea, Russia
  • Share in “Sarydzhaz”, Kyrgyzstan, an entity on extraction of minerals
  • Share in “Zhuldyz” Caspian oil field, Kazakhstan
  • Share in “Kosmos” hotel, 150 Prospect Mira, Moscow
  • Share in “Novaya Tabachnaya Kompaniya” OOO
  • Shares in companies known as “Eurasia Logistics”
  • Offices at 62, Mira av., Moscow

The full list of assets in which Mr Ablyazov has an ownership interest can be found here.

Luxury property portfolio

During the course of the litigation, the Bank uncovered Ablyazov’s vast personal property portfolio in England. In particular, the Bank discovered that he owned three properties that he had not disclosed to the court. The UK court handed down the final charging order on these properties in May 2013. Once sold, the proceeds will be returned to the Bank as part of the asset recovery process.

The properties are:

  • Carlton House which is currently value at £18-£20 million
  • Oaklands Park which is currently value at £18-£20 million
  • 79 Elizabeth Court which is currently value at £900,000-£1.1 million
  • 17 Alberts Court which is currently value at £900,000-£1.1 million
Certificate of State Re-registration of Legal Entity, issued by the RK Ministry of Justice on 24 January, 2008